Spot On Diagnosis, Practical Treatments

Dr Tony is brilliant I've been to several naturopaths/chiropractors over the past 20 years, and I've always been dubious of the effectiveness of the results. I'd really given it up. But after my PT enthusiastically recommended Mountain Spring, I decided to give alternative medicine another try. I'm glad I did. I feel better now than I ever have in my life. 

Dr. Tony is really spot on, he can identify the problem and FIX IT! Also he lives in the real world and helps me find health solutions that work in my life, unlike other practitioners who prescribe impractical treatments that only a saint could adhere to. Actually, I prefer Dr. Tony over any GP I've had as well. He's that good.

Janet K.

Goodbye, Prilosec!

After being a prisoner to Prilosec for over 7 years, I decided I would try naturopathic medicine to see if it could offer any alternatives. Thinking he might be able to give me an alternate homeopathic remedy, I wasn't expecting any miracles. Dr. Tony worked with me for a few months (spinal adjustments, acupuncture) and suggested some changes in diet (avoid gluten). By month 3 I was completely off of Prilosec and haven't touched it since. Goodbye pharmaceutical world! I've been amazed by the changes and have never felt better. I can't recommend Dr. Tony enough!

No More Trips to the ER!

No western doctors could figure out what was wrong with me. With 4 trips to ER with severe nausea, unstoppable vomiting and weakness. Multiple follows up with my GP, with no answers and no ideas what was causing it. My hair was falling out in chunks – “alopecia” , my back hurt all the time and my knees were also getting so bad, I could not walk more then 2-3 blocks without major pain and had specialists telling me it would only get worse. They had me use hiking poles, special braces and cortisone injections, Ibuprofen and feldene for pain - and still they got worse. Yes, stuff gets worse with age, but in my mid-50s and for someone who had no injuries or major sports problems, this was crazy. I had zero energy. I used to workout at least daily – 45-60 mins, sometimes 2x daily and would mountain bike, play golf, tennis or hike on the weekends. I could barely get to work every day and would come home after and just sit on the couch, eat a bit and go to bed. It was like I was constantly suffering from the worst hangover of my life – everyday. My wife thought I was dying, she was probably right. After being referred by a friend to Dr. Murczek, he work with me to find the root causes: 10 + years of Prilosec 2x daily, had turned my stomach off and I was getting little or no nutrition, especially protein, so my body was stealing its own protein to try and survive. It was stealing from all protein rich areas in my body, compromising the cartilage in my knees and back! My kidneys, liver, adrenal and whole digestive system was all a mess. I am sure there more issues too. He slowly got me off the Prilosec and pain meds and found that I was also hypoglycemic. I changed my eating habits and now eat “paleo” in addition to doing all the other 'amazing combination of treatments' his has in his practice and a year later, I am riding my mountain bike, walking, hiking and I am getting my energy levels back. I no long use knee braces (which can actually make it worse by the way), no more meds and no more trips to ER! I am sure it will continue to get better and I am committed to making it work with Dr. Tony's support. I feel alive again. I getting more centered and connected to my own body and what it needs. I don't know what I would be doing today or rather not doing, if we had not found Dr. Murzcek!

Moving Forward

I used to think that chronic knee, ankle, hip, and back pain were normal after my various sports injuries. And after living in China for 3 years, regular nausea and digestive issues seemed reasonable, too. But when my ability to handle stress reached an all-time low and getting myself out of high-stress situations did not help, I realized something was not right. Luckily, I started working for Dr. Tony and began receiving treatment from him at the start of 2012. The changes were subtle at first, but over the past few months, I finally noticed that my knees and ankles no longer hurt after several hours of running. My back pain is mostly gone. I don't have any digestive issues or nausea unless I eat the things I am allergic to. The best part was that I had not realized the full effect of my physical problems on my mental/emotional health until I was free of physical pain. Suddenly, everything in my life makes more sense. I can move forward instead of being stuck in the past. I can now see what I want and how to get there. I have the energy to be the person I want to be. It's too cliche to call him "life-changing", but I can't think of a better way to put it. Dr. Tony has changed my life.


Car Accident

Back in August I was hit by a car as I walked across the road and needed some help. Having never had any serious injuries before, I didn't know where to start. I wanted something local, so I just searched for a physician near my house. Dr. Murczek was great. After a few visits I was feeling better than ever. He found and fixed a number of things related to the accident that I would have never realized. Great place. I can't recommend it enough.

Get Your Energy Back!

If you have failed to find optimal health through Western Medicine.  If the western doctors tell you that you are in perfect health, but you don't have the energy you think you should.  If you attribute your aches and pains to aging and or find yourself on a ton of drugs.   If this describes you, then I recommend you go see Dr. Tony.  He is more than a Naturopathic doctor.  He does acupuncture, spinal manipulation (like a chiropractor) and my favorite Kinesiology. He has made a huge difference in my health and my circle of friends who now see him.  You deserve to feel great!

Cherie C.

True Holistic Approach

There is a quiet mystery in the magic of Mountain Spring Health Clinic. So complex is this connection between physique and spirit, it demands the respect of wonder. In a busy society, we pay dues to health ailments in effort to continue functioning. In my experience, adapting to symptoms goes almost unnoticed, or rather, the list of complaints grows as does acceptance of status quo. It wasn't until recovery began, and systems were turned on again, that I recognized my original strength and immunity at a level it should be. This came in the form of changes in coordination, to mood altering lifestyle shifts. 

My symptoms when I began treatment with Dr. Tony (without going into too much detail) were a combination of indigestion, headaches, joint pain, skin breakouts, and energy level complications. As it happened all these were (of course!) connected, not only in body, but mind. While in my case, I was likely the victim of a parasitic invasion from abroad, these symptoms are not entirely uncommon among people of an active and diligent world. Too often, engrossing. I fell into malfunction derived from addictive behaviors: the attachment to sugar, coffee, routine sleeplessness, and even people. Relaxation was eclipsed, I'd become accustomed to overworking my adrenals, muscles, and brain. Sugar became a central player as I learned it's presence (or the body's conversion) in so many simple and complex carbohydrates; as well as realizing sugars fed my so-called digestive invaders. 

The first change as an improvement:  attack on diet. When I learned to let go of cravings for comfort and seek nourishment designed for my system, I saw results. First, my eyes cleared up, I don't mean my sight, but their clarity in the mirror, the color no longer subtle, but brighter (an instance of living with dulled senses.) Then I had more energy at peak times of usual fatigue, and my memory began to serve clear and helpful, as opposed to scattered. I recorded a diet log and made note of changes. I gained more control over emotions and moods, due in part to the mindfulness required to bring power over what I ate. I heard once: if you can change your diet you can change anything. As for my case, it has proven true, and a great reminder that the choice is mine. This is not to say I abstain from all things of celebrated sugar, but it is never a mainstay. Seeing my health transform has been the evidence I need. Of course I have gone forward and back and forward again, only to realize that yes, I am following guidelines I've created. After diet, I moved through the "five pillars of health" (diet, water, sleep, exercise, and relationships) in effort to accommodate differing aspects included in "healthy." My yoga practice was entirely renovated as I realized my dependence on right side balance. My left side, usually the weaker, began to prove durable and more stable. A remarkable change in the use of left side daily action: steering my bike, using keys, flipping switches, wielding cutlery. Neglecting the left side was disregarded until it resurfaced as part of the recovery. 

The thing about working with Dr. Tony: you and he must work together. He can speak of his findings, and give you some answers, but it is up to you to follow research and stay strong in mindful behaviors associated with your body. Before I found Dr. Tony, I had never heard of muscle testing; as said the person who recommended him to me, it  comes rather hard to explain, so it is mostly "magic." He stands as most dedicated to his work, his desire to help people is genuine and easy to see. As a patient, I feel thoroughly a part of my treatment and decision process. I've worked at this for about 16 months. The clinic holds a sense of community, offering talks, lectures, and consistent patient appreciation efforts. I have learned so much and what a blessing to have found a like minded space for people.

Anjel A.


Thanks to Dr. Tony, I am on my way to recovery.  He has given me a wealth of information to a step by step, one day at a time approach to reach optimal health.  I have encountered a number of obstacles, and each time he has a solution.



Walking on Solid Ground (Vertigo Relief)

WALKING ON SOLID GROUND!! When I came to see Dr. Tony, I was suffering from 8 years of vertigo, severe nausea/vomiting, memory loss, lack of concentration, get the picture. I had been diagnosed with Endolymphatic Hydrops (an inner ear disorder). Over the past 10 months, nothing short of a miracle has transpired! Dr. Tony has been a caring, compassionate, truthful guide in changing my life. Yes,  I did change many of the things that I had been doing, but the results have been worth the effort. Dr. Tony always made it very clear that I was the one in control of the outcomes! "eat that____, or drink that ___... and it only slows down your progress". He referred me to his friend, Burt Jurgens, with great results. Tony truly cares about the people that come to him. What ever magic, voodoo-hoohoo he does with the magic book WORKS! We believe!!! Thank you!!!!



Compassionate Healthcare

Dr.  Tony Murczek at Mountain Spring Health Clinic, is a kind compassionate practitioner.  If you are serious about your health and wellness, and are seeking a wholistic approach Dr. Murczek and Mountain Spring Health Clinic are there to help.  I've experienced noticeable results in my health and wellness in the months I have been treated by Dr. Murczek.

Kim K.

Improved Digestive Health

I've been seeing Dr. Tony for a little over a year. In the first few months, a severe digestive and absorption problem decreased to a minor disturbance. Prior to Dr. Tony, I had seen several specialists over the past five years without results. He is amazing at diagnostics and treatment. I would highly recommend his services.



Optimal Health

Tony has changed my family’s life!  After removing wheat and dairy from my son’s diet he is doing better in school, sports and life in general.  He is helping all of us get to optimal health and helping my son especially reach his true potential.  He has changed the way we think about being “healthy”!!!  Tony, you have been a true blessing to us!!!



First Adjustment in Years

Big shout-out to Dr. Tony (as I'm now calling him) for helping bridge a gap in my healing. I have not let anyone adjust me in years - your gentle help and support made all the difference. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure you know everything. You ROCK!




Thank you Dr. Tony for making me feel optimistic today!  I am really starting to feel like I CAN get better :)




Healthier and Happier

Since coming to Mountain Spring Health Clinic, in October of 2011, my fiance's health has significantly improved when other practitioners of Western methods could find no way to help. Dr. Murczek's unique and understanding way of listening to his patients' words, as well as listening to their bodies, is nothing short of professional. My fiance came in to him feeling run down, taking handfuls of pills prescribed by other doctors, but after following Dr. Murczek's prescribed, long-term plan of action, she is healthier and happier than she has been in years.



Gift for Healing

Dear Dr. Tony,


Thank  you so much for seeing and treating my dad a week or so ago. I so appreciate that you really SEE people when you take them on as patients. This is a rare gift and you have a gift for healing. I saw this personally when I worked with you; I saw this when you taught Qi Gong (even though, like the typical type A I am, I just had to "learn all the routines" in the session, I still saw the beauty, the GRACE, of what you did for all those folks (myself included), who you taught and shared your knowledge and wisdom with. It really is an honor to know you, Tony, and know that I consider you to be a wonderful ally in health. If there's anything I can do to help you THRIVE, call on me.



Back Pain & Scoliosis Relief

Because of chronic back pain, scoliosis, and a very messed up spine, I sought Dr. Murczek's help to get some relief from the pain and improvement of my spine and hip alignments. His treatment, involving acupuncture, skeletal adjustments, herbs and homeopathic remedies, helped tremendously. And I can now enjoy activities such as zumba, line dancing, and yoga.


I am very grateful for all the help that I received from Dr. Murczek adn have recommended him to all my friends and to other Kaiser patients who are seeking a holistic approach for all the various medical problems that can't always be solved by traditional medical methods only.



Thank You for Giving Me my Life Back

I'm writing to you to fill you in on how I have been doing since I saw you last...

My health has been wonderful!

With all credit due to you, I continue to live psoriasis free and feel wonderful. I have maintained a mostly gluten free diet and enjoy the way I feel when I do so. I want you to know that I am so thankful to you for giving me my life back when I felt so completely devastated. I know I would not be where I am now without all of your help and support.

I want you to know that you are my doctor and whenever I have any concerns, you are the one I trust to help me. Thanks again for all you have done for me.

Jeni H.

Best Practictioner for Lifelong Health

This clinic is great - the doc there, Tony Murczek, is wonderful. I think Dr. Murczek provides the best care and supports health and healing better than any practitioner I've worked with (conventional med and alternative).

I originally worked with him on an injury that I had not had success resolving with an orthopedic specialist and other alternative med providers. It wasn't an instant recovery but I was able to put that problem behind me because of his care. Recently, I started seeing him after an accident. He's been amazing in helping me heal from all aspects of that trauma and I now feel healthier than I did even before the accident.

You must be open-minded about the applied kineisology approach he uses for diagnosis BUT if you are, you'll be surprised how effective it is in getting results. Dr. M. has a great manner, is kind, understanding, trustworthy, and very knowledgeable. He understands the athletic personality and body, which is important to me - he knows what it means to tell me to cut back on training, not all Drs. get that.

If you are looking for a health care practitioner that will partner with you to help you get and stay healthy, I can strongly recommend working with him.

Barb G.

Feeling Young and Healthy Again

Thanks for your support over the last years+. I'm feeling the best I have since my teenage years. I wish you all the best in your work, mission and business.

Kate E.

Knowledge of Craft and Commitment to Helping Others

Thank you for your participation in Progressive Body Training System's Women's 2010 Fitness and Wellness retreat.

Our success is due largely to the contributions you made. We appreciate your efforts, time support and sense of community. The feedback we received exemplifies your professionalism, knowledge of your craft, and commitment to helping others. We appreciate your presence and the opportunity to be partners in wellness as we create advocates for change.

Our thanks again,

Janice R. and Melanie S.