Spinal Manipulation


Dr. Murczek has studied various spinal manipulation therapies, including the techniques of Gonstead and Thompson. While most people don't realize that Naturopathsare qualified to perform spinal manipulations, having endured extensive post graduate work in the field, many others are already receiving the benefits of the combination of treatments implemented for overall wellness.


At Mountain Spring Health Clinic, we believe that each bone in the body is like a circuit breaker.  Dr. Murczek goes beyond the typical scope of merely resetting the circuit, or adjusting the patient through spinal manipulation. He actually looks for the cause of the short circuit or bone subluxation, so you will not only feel relief from manipulation, but the confidence that you are receiving comprehensive medical care.

Benefits of Spinal Manipulation

Many times just one treatment can inspire immediate results and relief that will instantly transform the way you feel. Multiple treatments over time can reduce recovery time, improve function and combined with exercise, reduce the risk of occurrence.